This is Shaka "Equator", one of Tom8toes.com's new cherry tomatoes, showing the characteristic stripe of the wild S. chilense tomato used in its breeding.

One of Tom8toes.com's new blue cherry tomatoes


We're still rebuilding Tom8Toes.Com...we have a busy farm to run, so progress is slow.

The new Tom8Toes.Com will feature Historical Hawaiian seeds, along with carefully selected tomato seeds from around the world.

We'll also be featuring wild tomato species, and will be offering carefully selected specie cultivars for breeding work and as well as interesting plants to grow.

For breeders we will be offering a number of early generation crosses with outstanding potential for continued development.


Please excuse the current interruption of service, we'll be back on line just as soon as possible.

Mahalo nui loa for understanding.


(Posted: October 10, 2016)