Black Roma well known multi-colored (dark shoulders over mahogany) cherry tomato.   A vigorous semi-indeterminate grower that produces a staggering amount of fruit with very good flavor.

There is also a cultivar called 'Black Plum', also called 'Russian Black Plum', and whether or not it is the same as Black Roma is not clear.  A friend who has grown both believes they are identical. 

Black Roma is thought to be a Russian cross of a black variety with a red roma type.  Roma tomatoes are a hybrid variety developed around 1955, and are believed to be a cross of the Pan American tomato with a San Marzano.

About the typical roma elongated shape,  according to Esther van der Knaap at Ohio State University, a gene, known as SUN, plays a crucial role in the elongated shape of various tomato varieties. The SUN gene, which takes its name from the Sun 1642 variety where it was found, was discovered after looking at the entire collection of tomato germplasm. They noticed some varieties had very elongated fruit shape.

"By genetic analysis, we narrowed down the region of the genome that controls this very elongated fruit shape, and eventually narrowed down that region to a smaller section that we could sequence to find what kind of genes were present at that location,"  Knaap was quoted as saying. Once SUN was identified, the next step involved proving whether this gene was actually responsible for causing changes in fruit shape. To do so, the researchers conducted several plant-transformation experiments. When the SUN gene was introduced into wild, round fruit-bearing tomato plants, they ended up producing extremely elongated fruit. When the gene was knocked out of elongated fruit-bearing plants, they were found to produce round fruit similar to the wild tomatoes. The results of the study have been published in the 'Science' journal. The researchers now hope to examine whether this same gene, or a gene that is closely related in sequence, control fruit morphology in other vegetables and fruit crops.

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