Solanum neorickii 'Petite Peach'.  A small determinate bushy plant.  Vigorous grower and very productive.  Plant stayed healthy all season. Tiny flowers, small (~1/2") fruit golden with anthocyanin shoulders.  A beautiful little tomato.  But most interesting characteristic of this plant was the unique 'peachy' notes in its flavor.  We didn't take the time to key the flower but we beleve it to be S. neorickii (L. parviflorum).

We're expecting a great future for this cultivar. We feel this little tomato can be developed into a new type of fruit.

Minimum 18 seeds per packet. Limited availability.

Tom8toes Properties
Number of Seeds per Packet 18
Fruit Size Small,
Growth Habit Small Determinate
Flavor Unique, peach flavor comes to mind
Unique Characteristics Almost every flower sets fruit, vigorous plant, continous production, unusual fruity flavor

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