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Pearl Harbor is a cross between Bounty and BC-IO.  Bounty is an early, determinate tomato that in Hawaii produces good yields of fruit under relatively high temperatures at low elevations. However, it is very susceptible to spotted wilt. BC-10, an Fa selection of (133-6 X Red Currant) X 183-6 received from the California Agricultural Experiment Station.

The cross was made in the spring of 1941 and was given the number T-28.

The first and second generations were grown at the Poamoho Experimental Farm on Oahu. Individual plant selections were made from the F2 population, one being designated as HES-108.

This selection, when planted at Poamoho, proved to be a line of heavy-setting and heavy-yielding determinate types. Individual plants were selected from this material on the basis of freedom from spotted wilt and for desirable horticultural characters. The F2 selections were planted, and one of these, HES-657, proved able to withstand the disease while other standard varieties succumbed to its attack. Seed lots of HES-G57 were distributed to farmers and other cooperators for trial in 1943 and 1944. Pearl Harbor is a further selection from this material.

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TOM8TOES 003hwn

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